Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion

I am so happy to announce that We Move Vintage has been invited to this amazing event!
Stay tuned for photos and a full review of all the designers. As well as my personal picks for spring.
Also, stay tuned for more vintage additions to our store. We have just acquired an amazing inventory of sweaters and jackets!

This years show has been sponsored by Plastics Make it Possible.

Rory Beca
Seneca Rising
Valerj Pobega

MG Black

CC Skye (bags)
The Generic Man (men’s and women’s shoes)
Ludevine (fine jewelry)
Stampd L.A. (sneakers).

"Plastics Make it Possible has partnered with Gen Art to create a one-of-a-kind experience, showcasing how plastics and recycled plastics are helping to shape the future of fashion and design. For example, did you know that skinny jeans wouldn't have their stretch without plastic fabrics? By working with Gen Art, Plastics Make it Possible aims to highlight the creative use of plastic in fashion and the futuristic ways in which up-and-coming designers can apply these materials to today's trends."-Plastics Make it Possible

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New Items

We have some sweet new additions to our site. Be sure to check them out! Also, be sure to check back weekly for more additions. We have just acquired a huge inventory of items and are working hard to bring them to you!
If you have the time be sure to to create an account with us to take advantage of special offers, promos, and exclusive updates!


It's Flea Market Time! We Move Vintage is out on the prowl. Be sure to check us out. We have added some amazing pieces to our collection.

October 11:
Rosebowl Flea Market, Space#3230

October 17:
Silverlake Art Craft & Vintage Flea Market

Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion 2009

Fashion week is finally coming to L.A this month! Be sure to check out Gen Art's Fresh Faces in Fashion show on October 29th at 7:00 p.m. This year the show will be at:
Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038-3197

Gen Art has been responsible for bringing out some of LA.s hottest emerging talents and discoveries. This season features designers including Leyendecker, Rory Beca, Seneca Rising, MG Black, CC Skye, The Generic Man, Ludevine, and Stampd L.A.

Tickets are available on their website: www.genart.org

We are very excited to be attending this event! We can't wait to see Seneca Rising, a personal favorite of ours!