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Designers We Love-Phoebe Philo for Celine
Resort Collection 2010
After quickly browsing the Resort 2010 collection database I found myself completely enthralled by the Celine collection. After reading the reviews by fashion analysts and writers I am not surprised to find that the collection was well received by the community as well. Pheobe Philo has been renowned for the work she did for Chloe and has now returned working under the Celine label. Philo has given the fashion house a dose of her design spirit and has proven to the fashion world that she hasn't lost her touch and knows how to evolve as a desinger while staying true to her original vision.
My favorite looks from the collection which can been seen above, include a modernized poncho, a lovely take on simplistic silouettes with bold colors, a killer cape with a killer shape, and a lovely pair of leather shorts. All of these looks in my mind are staple pieces and are very important for the season. Be sure to check out the complete collection on style.com. We Love you Phoebe Philo! We can't wait to see what the future holds!

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